In 1999, under the presidency of Late Shri Shashikant Narvekar, the Gomantak Marathi Academy published a 2 volume compilation of select Marathi editorials from 'O Bharat'. We are grateful to late Shri Narvekar who undertook the prodigious effort of gleaning the most significant editorials from an inventory of over a thousand copies of 'Bharat'. We are also thankful to Shri Ravindra Ghavi who concluded the enterprise after Shri Narvekar's demise. With gratitude to them and the current president of the academy, Shri Narendra Ajgaonkar who graciously permitted dedication of these compilations to public domain, we'd like to announce the availability of these volumes online through These are freely available for any noncommercial scholarly purposes for reprinting as well as distribution.

Selected Editorials by 'Bharat'kar Hegde Desai - Volume I

Selected Editorials by 'Bharat'kar Hegde Desai - Volume II

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